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Midnight Karma



Midnight Karma album cover

‘Midnight Karma released its debut EP in January 2020. Four songs tainted with very different colors, but all coming from a heavy ol’ style desert groove. Between Heavy Blues and Stoner Rock, from impactful riffs to Soulful voice lines drowned into Tennessee blend bourbon. The sound of the chain mixed with a southern style slide guitar, supported by a straight vibrant bass and powerful percussion rythms.’



Power Trio from Lausanne, Switzerland, Midnight Karma throws a powerful Rock music tainted with bluesy groove, heavy riffs and a heavy stoner touch. 

The band was formed by William, Guillaume and Jonathan in 2017 from the ashes of the Rock Band 'No Escape'. When No Escape ended with the departure of the fourth band member, the three decided to start from zero and started rewriting new songs, heavier, not following any commercial standards or guidelines. Therefore, no length limit, no singing pattern, no dictated song structure were to be followed. After only one single week, the first song of the new band was composed: 'In the Eye of the Storm'. 

Midnight Karma was born.

And the new Band's music was naturally flowing from the three musicians' influences: heavy southland slidy blues from Will, hard rock / metal from Guillaume and an even heavier, doomer, undergrounder metal from Jonathan.

Midnight Karma's songs are complex, 'it's like three songs in one'. They vary in intensity to go from heavy riff rock to slow headbanger groovy loops. The drums don't only play the rhythmic backbone, but are part of the melodic composition. Jonathan even plays the steel chain on 'Open the Door'. The guitar is on Drop-D and includes slide on the most Delta influenced songs. The bass is straight and powerful, giving the freight train touch to Midnight Karma's music. Finally Will's voice feels like it has been tainted by some Kentucky bourbon for too long. Gross and dusty.

Visually, the band designed a very mystic image: their logo is a Mexican 'La Muerte' skull with three eyes. The stage is filled with sculpted skulls, whisky bottles and vintage dusty lights. 

With around 12 songs on their set list, it was time for the band to record their first EP in Fall 2019. They spent four days in France, at the Cube Studio and released the self titled EP by the end of 2019, physically and on all digital platforms. With a difficult 2020 year for live music, they spent the time to record their first professional video clip on 'Guardian Angel' with the 4D2 Studio and Matt Kaory, while producing some homemade clips. Despite the complicated year of 2020, the Trio continued to write music and in summer 2021, they were ready to take the best of it for another recording session.

July 2021, here's Midnight Karma back in France at Cube Studio to work with Yann Morell and Sebastien Descamps on the new EP : 6 songs this time. Out of the mind of Jon, it is called Blue Bayou Elephant and gather songs from various influences, but definitely heavier than the first EP. No chain this time, but 'more cowbell' and some TalkBox to give that crazy touch. Blue Bayou Elephant is coming out on all digital platforms the 7th of January 2022.


William Endres

Guitar, Lead Vocals

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1981

Elixir 10/42

Valve Amplifier 2x50 Combo




Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals


Jonathan Ballet

Drums, Backing Vocals





Photo Credits: G. Grandperrin, D. Lehmann, M. Christin (Wildlight Capture)


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 Phone: +41 79 721 29 66

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